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About Us

Regarding Cancer is a local nonprofit that provides free support services to anyone impacted by cancer – including individuals with a current or past cancer diagnosis as well as their family, friends and caregivers.

Regarding Cancer staff and volunteers know how it feels to hear the words “you have cancer”.  We understand, and our programs are designed to help participants navigate the complex journey of cancer care.  Together we create a caring community bound by hope, connection and support.

To learn more about our Peer-to-Peer Support Program, Oncology Center Visitation Program, or our Support Groups please contact Linda Richards, at 512-213-4993 or

No one should face cancer alone.

Our Mission

Regarding Cancer is a nonprofit based in Austin, Texas that provides support and resources to those impacted by cancer.

Guiding Principles
  • Support throughout the cancer continuum

  • Evidence-based programming and tools for a healthy lifestyle

  • Opportunities to connect with the entire support community

  • Participation open to anyone touched by a cancer diagnosis

Our Mission

Our History

Regarding Cancer was born out the experiences of Seth Winick and Tere Holmes – who were both personally impacted by cancer.  During their cancer journeys, they discovered gaps in cancer support services in the Austin area and became deeply committed to filling these gaps with high-quality, evidence-based, free programs to address the feelings of stress and isolation that a cancer diagnosis can create.  So together, with the medical and non-profit communities, they started Regarding Cancer to ensure that everyone touched by cancer has the support, education and information needed to be active participants in their own care and well-being.  Cancer brought Seth and Tere together, but a strong belief in community and hope now binds them.

Regarding Cancer’s mission addresses the Institute of Medicine’s (IOM) key finding that social and emotional support is as important as medical care in the face of a cancer diagnosis. Whether you’re a patient, a caregiver, a friend or a family member going through a new diagnosis, active treatment, post-treatment or just everyday life, the planned programs Regarding Cancer provides are meant to help create a better quality of life through initial diagnosis, treatment and beyond.

2018 Volunteer Breakfast

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